For my first solo trip, I went to the beautifully wild Emerald Isle to backpack for two weeks. I had just quit my job so I could go back to school and therefore decided to make my ultimate destination trip on a whim! Yes, my ultimate destination was Ireland, in August! The Emerald Isle is so underrated, I can’t even begin to explain it. It’s been a dream of mine since I was in middle school, so I couldn’t wait any longer. Getting ready for this trip was not for the faint of heart! Without any further income, I had to make sure I didn’t overspend so the goal was clean, budget accommodation in Ireland!

I had never stayed in a hostel before but throughout my travels, I was so sick of spending money on hotels that I’d rather spend on experiences. Preparing for this trip, I got pretty savvy at finding a roof to sleep under that wasn’t going to cost me an arm and leg.

Budget accommodation comes with sacrifices, but to enjoy myself when I’m abroad is more important. I was willing to walk an extra few blocks so I could keep within budget, so the locations on this list are not ALL super centrally located. Most are, but a few aren’t.

I’ve compiled a list of the cleanest, budget hostels, hotel and Bed and Breakfast I could find, and thoroughly enjoyed, below.

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All of these are available at great prices on, and located as near as possible to public transportation! I didn’t have a car so that was numero uno on my must have list!


The HATCH Rooms Cork, Ireland
This was one of my favorite rooms to stay, it was my last day in Ireland and I needed a break from hostels. It’s located by dorm rooms, so it’s very secure! They feel like a super modern hotel and have a very unique, eclectic interior! Definitely one of my favorite hotels I’ve ever stayed. Laundry was in another building, the breakfast was sub par but it was incredibly clean and comfortable!


The Black Sheep Hostel Killarney, Ireland
I can’t say enough wonderful things about this hostel. They are on a side road right downtown in Killarney, about a 20-25 minute walk from the train station. Sounds awful but it really wasn’t! Each floor of this purple faced hostel has a dedicated country theme! Bunk bed style, you have a curtain, SO clean, and wonderful breakfast options! The amount of free bread I ate in this country is unspeakable.

Snoozles Tourist Hostel Galway, Ireland
There are so many fun areas to stay in Galway, and I chose to stay at Snoozles near the downtown square, close to where the tour companies pick up and right around the corner from the main bus station, and a few blocks from the train station! The customer service is superb, it’s very clean, the beds are comfortable enough. I had some rude roommates but you can’t judge a hostel by one guest. I enjoyed my experience. Organized pub crawls were a bonus, too!

hostels ireland

Loving their wall art at this hostel in Galway!

Hideout Hostel Dingle, Ireland
Dingle is A MUST on your itinerary. Hideout is centrally located, has very clean rooms and a great breakfast! Just a short walk away is a grocery store, the strip of bars by the bay, and all within two or three blocks is the rest of Dingle and their unique selection of bars and restaurants! Although it’s clean, the rooms are a little warm and no Air Conditioning so we opened the window. The bus stop is across the street, the electric bike company will drop your bike off at your hostel too if you decide to take one out. There are no lockers so always make sure to take your own when you stay at hostels!

The Times Hostel – College Street Dublin, Ireland
This hostel hits the nail on the head for budget accommodation in Ireland! Right around the corner from Trinity College and Book of Kells, this hostel has a GREAT community base. Their kitchen is huge, staff is super helpful, rooms are pretty clean and beds are comfortable! I stayed there for four nights and I wasn’t uncomfortable once. It was a little hot at night so the window had to be opened. Air conditioning is not very common at hostels in Ireland, which is another sacrifice you have to be willing to make with budget accommodations in Ireland.


Calafont Bed & Breakfast Portmagee, Ring of Kerry, Ireland
I booked this through AirBnB, knowing it was a bit of a walk to downtown Portmagee. It’s incredibly clean and there is tea and coffee available at all times of day! The bed was incredibly soft, I had my own armoir which was nice for when it rained; I hung up my clothes to dry! There is no option to wash your clothes, I just washed mine in the shower since I’d be there for a little over two days.
Portmagee is where the Skellig Michael Island tours are, and the Kerry Cliffs on Ring of Kerry (20 minutes walking distance from the B&B and a MUST SEE).

budget accommodation ireland

budget accommodation ireland

This is the view of Valentia Island from Calafont B&B | Portmagee, Ireland!

Mary was my host, she is so kind and informative. A little off on her estimate of how long it takes to walk to town (and I’m a fast walker) but it was smack in the middle of the Kerry Cliffs and downtown, which was perfect for me since I was walking everywhere. It took me exactly 20 minutes to get to town.

I had such an amazing time in Ireland staying at hostels; I met so many people that I’m friends with now because my introverted self took a chance and spoke to strangers. When I stayed at Calafont B&B I was relieved to have my shower and room for once but I found myself missing talking to strangers! I hope this list of budget accommodation in Ireland has helped you narrow down some places to stay.

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budget accommodation ireland

Clean, Budget Accommodation in IrelandClean, Budget Accommodation in Ireland