flying hanuman, thailand

Hey There!

Being a small town girl from Colorado, you’d think I’d want to settle down on a farm in the mountains and live happily ever after. Don’t get me wrong, I am so incredibly blessed to have been raised in the country. I developed an appreciation for agriculture, and an undying love for rodeo – but there was just something missing.

After high school, I decided to test out the city life in Nashville, where I’ve since acquired quite the boot collection. No regrets there. Everyone around me was furthering their education, but I still had a lot of inner conflict about what I saw for myself for a career. Therefore, college was not on my list of priorities. My sense of adventure took over and I didn’t want any commitments.

I will never forget where I’m from, but I’ve never considered myself to have ‘roots’. I belong to the world. After all, God didn’t spend 7 days making an entire universe just for us to google pictures of where we wish to go. The question of “what am I supposed to do with my life?” was answered the first time I went out of the country; I lived overseas in JAPAN for 2 years with my ex husband (military).

“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” – Sir Richard Burton

I spent 2 years making the most of my time there, exploring with what are now my lifelong friends. We took a few trips to port calls in South Korea, Guam, and Australia. With it being so close, Thailand earned a stamp in my passport. Traveling gave me the privilege of meeting so many amazing people and having opportunities to better other lives through my experiences. I was even offered a job at a small school teaching English in Japan that I reluctantly said yes to, because, well, adventure.

You never know what you’re going to love until you try it.

In between travel, I’m eating chocolate or working on my degree in Graphic Design, which is another one of my many passions. When I’m not out traipsing around airports, you can find me researching destinations for volunteer abroad trips with animals, canoeing and finding the next waterfall in Tennessee, and of course, anxiously plotting my next transatlantic escape.

To be location independent, working with wildlife while I get to see the world is my ultimate goal. I want to invite people out into the world to experience, volunteer at, and immerse themselves into other cultures. Even just to see that one monument, eat that one food, drink that one drink, or meet that one person that they would have otherwise never done.

So Why Woven to Wander?

The meaning behind the name… I was sitting in church one day and the pastor said with everything we go through, God is weaving us into who we are and that word just stuck with me, inspiring the name of my blog – Woven to Wander. I believe whole-heartedly I was not placed here to just work in an office; it’s just not my purpose and so far, that’s all I know. My other passions include working with horses, any and all animal conservation and all kinds of Graphic Design stuff!

These experiences and events that took place in my life wove me into who I am today – a seasoned wanderer that’s borrowing Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass for a blissfully bumpy boat ride.

Don’t you want to leave this world knowing you lived your most adventurous life?