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Packing is one of the hardest things about traveling. Especially if you, like me, are a procrastinator and forget a bunch of things the night before! When you’re scrambling last minute to get the necessities for the trip you’ve been planning forever, you’re momentum will diffuse and your excitement dwindles! Therefore, I have made a list of 7 necessities for every trip!

Buying last minute items takes a toll on your checking account if you’re constantly travelling, or going on that “big trip”. Surprise! It doesn’t have to be that way. There are quite a few items that you don’t have to buy each time you travel that last far longer than just a few trips.

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These items are on my “absolute necessity” list for both short and long haul flights because they are so easy to pack and I use them almost everywhere I go!

  1. Camelbak 2 Liter Reservoir – Instead of buying water at the airports, how about fill up this lovely reservoir that fits anywhere? I take this everywhere with me when I’m travelling no matter if it’s car or plane. I have a cover for mine just in case something sharp comes against it, it won’t puncture the plastic.
  2. Bose wireless headphones Why Bose? They have the BEST customer support, best quality headphones I’ve encountered, they are sweat proof, almost sound proof and a great price for their high quality. I had the auxiliary cord Sound Sport at first and finally upgraded to wireless and I’m lovin’ em! If you don’t want to charge your wireless ones, go for the regular Sound Sport – they work JUST as well!
  3. Osprey Fairview (men’s version is Farpoint) 40L Backpack This has proven to be the best carry-on, in my well-traveled opinion. The pockets, depth and weight is amazing. The standard carry-on with wheels is just too bulky, not deep enough and everything is jumbled since there are no organization pockets (again, if I am missing out on something great, please let me know in the comments). This bag lasted me three weeks in Ireland and Scotland. I even had to pack some warmer gear and hiking pants which fit great and there was still room for quite a few small souvenirs.osprey backpack with hiking shoes, carry on backpack packing list
  4. Inflatable Airplane Pillow This is a life saver on long haul flights, and revolutionizes neck pillows. It folds down into almost nothing and weighs next to nothing. Your arms can rest from outside of pillow, head rests on top! So comfortable and relieves your neck and back from a typical airplane neck pillow!
  5. Carabiners (that heavy duty hooky thing, you know?) This will come in handy. I hook so many things including my water bottle, keys, wristlet, etc… If you’re hiking or backpacking, this is a must. There’s only so many things you can fit in your backpack before it busts. Anything with a hole must go on my carabiner.
    Tip – poke holes in plastic baggies to attach to carabiner for extra room in your backpack. This also serves as extra “storage” if you can only take a carry-on.
  6. 4 Plastic travel size Body Care containers – One for shampoo, conditioner, lotion and spare. Some of you may know this already, some of you may always forget.
  7. Portable luggage scale This comes in handy when you’re unsure about weight and don’t have a scale. It isn’t heavy or uses up too much room.

I hope these 7 packing necessities will help ease your trip preparation now and in the future! If you are headed to a conservative country, check out my packing guide here for an in depth list of my suggested items!

Happy travels!

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7 Necessities for EVERY Trip7 Necessities for EVERY Trip7 Necessities for EVERY Trip